Chances Of Finding Love After 55

Too many people tend to think that it is impossible to find love after 55. We have built up a stereotype that those who are older should all be married. The truth is that there are many other singles who are 55 or older. The trick is finding these people. What are the actual chances of finding love after 55?

No matter where you are in the world there are more singles over 55 than ever before. These singles are just like you and are looking for love. This alone means that your chances of finding love after 55 are higher than in the past but numbers aren’t the only reason. There are a lot of reasons that your chances are good.

One of the reasons so many marriages between younger people fail is that a lot of us are still learning who we are. Whether you are divorced or have never been married, by the time you are 55 or older, you typically know who you are. You can still grow and change, but you have the best grasp you ever will of who you are.

All this means that when you get into a relationship over 55 you get into something that is better based on who you are. Love is far more likely to come when someone likes you for who you are because they get to learn the true you and your chances or changing dramatically are far less. Not only do you have a higher chance of finding true love, but you have a higher chance of having a successful relationship.

In your mind, you are probably thinking that it was much easier to meet someone to love when you were younger. Especially when you were in school and meeting new people. The truth is your early years are not the only point where it is easy to meet singles.

At 55 or above you have a number of groups open to you to join. A lot of groups are dedicated to those over 55 because they are more mature and they are looking for love, just like you. Joining one of these groups allows you to find love just like you would have when you were younger. They also give you a way to enjoy yourself.

Make sure to attend local activities and groups. These are some of the best ways to meet people to date. Chances are that others your age are turning to these options too.

The internet has been a big help to those over 55 looking to find love. Dating sites have popped up around the internet to make it easier to find love at any age. Being over 55 though means that you can join exclusive websites for people in your age range. By using these sites, you get a higher population of users like you and you don’t have to do as much filtering of users.

Many people are hesitant to join a dating site with a variety of concerns. While there are fake accounts and scammers on dating sites, there are more real accounts and real people looking for love. Just like you. Approaching every situation (online or not) with a grain of caution but an open heart and mind and you will be more likely to find love.

It is more than possible to find love after 55, there are plenty of places to look and plenty of singles out there. This is even truer since the internet has become populated with dating sites. Don’t feel like you will never have love again because that is far from the truth. You need to get out there and start looking.

Advice for meeting singles over 55

Wait, is meeting senior singles over 55 as difficult as they say? Well, it may seem impossible for seniors to run after themselves by the roadsides or meet up at a night party as do young ones. Possibly, this is one of the reasons why some believe that senior dating is tough. However, what would be the opinion of people who participate in over 55 dating site? Quite a better opinion!

Senior dating sites

Senior dating sites are very popular for one reason; they work and many senior find it useful to resolve their dating headache. Of course, another advantage of over 55 dating site is that it allows senior ones to meet a new person right from the comfort of their home. Hence, it cuts down the cost of having to travel around the city in search of a date. This convenience makes online dating for singles over 55 interesting and relevant.

Why you should use the online senior dating sites

It is not always easy for a senior person who has been out of dating scene for many years to return to it. This is why online senior dating sites are very much beneficial. It allows you to easily return to the dating scene with less stress.

Over 55 dating site does not place you under pressure or stress. Since there is no “in person” meeting or trying to catch up with a complete stranger you see in public, you tend to develop the courage required to spark up discussions. Instead of venturing into a form of embarrassment, it would be easier to lookup for singles seniors like you online. At least, you’d know that all those you meet online are people like you looking for partners.

Furthermore, returning back into the dating scene after a long absence may require a bit of patience. There may be some form of errors for individual re-entering the game. However, with online senior dating sites, this may be negligible.

Creating an online profile

Meeting singles over 55 online do require that you craft a decent profile. However, it doesn’t mean that your profile must be anything unique of spectacular. Instead, just develop a simple and basic profile that clearly defines who you are, what you do, and what you need. However, be careful of what you include on your profile. Some details should be private and not released online for your safety.

If you are curious of what to write on your profile page, check out other similar profiles out there. If you spot any profile that interests you, just follow the pattern and craft out your own. It doesn’t mean that you should copy/paste everything word-for-word.

How to Date Women over 55

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles of over 55 dating is that you are not putting yourself in the proper place where you can find potential dating partner. It is just impossible for you to find someone when you kept hiding inside your room every time. I know how relaxing and comforting it means to indulge yourself in your favorite TV shows or books after a long day at work. Nonetheless, you will still need to expose yourself to the world, whether you are doing it in person or in the digital world.

Tips on How to Date Women over 55

When you plan to engage yourself in the dating landscape after long years, it is relatively easy to feel overwhelmed. You are probably worried that a lot of things have changed since you last tried dating. In order to help you navigate in today’s dating game, we listed some of the necessary tips on over 55 dating.

Some Things Are Still the Same

Even during your younger years, you probably experienced difficulty in meeting different women. Dating sites have made the process simpler, but it is still challenging. To make it easier, you may use the classic strategies when dating women over 55. You can find potential dating partner by joining various activities, blind dates or through friend’s introduction. You may tell all people associated with you that you are interested in dating. Try to be involved in the activities that will interest you. This is the best possible way to enjoy the entire experience of dating.

Try to Google Yourself

In this digital age, it is fairly easy to find information about anyone. Before you start on your over 55 dating journey, you may want to Google yourself first. Find the information that is inaccurate and correct them. If you can’t, you should at least be able to prove that you are not the escapee from the asylum and it is just a coincidence that you share the same name.

Use Dating Sites

There are different benefits that you can enjoy once you join online dating sites. You will be able to expand your reach beyond your social circles. You might want to choose dating sites that are intended for men and women over 55. Choose the photo that you will upload, it should be high quality, and it should show your personality. Create a good description that will serve as an icebreaker.

Finally, you need to remember that dating is not necessarily about mating. In your age, you are probably mature enough to understand that you will have to date dozens of women over 55 before you can find that perfect partner. In case you think that the person you are dating today has no future when it comes to romantic relationship, then you don’t have to waste your time. Tell them politely how you feel and be prepared to hear some words of disappointments. These tips will help you make the entire experience pleasing and enjoying.

How to Join Tinder Select

tinder-selectTinder has taken over the world by storm. It has revolutionized how people meet other people who are prospects for dating. Not only did the Tinder app change how people date completely, but also it has made it easier to find the one, depending on one’s preferences.

Tinder is a social search mobile application, which allows people to Tinder select through the profiles of others, and they have the option whether to swipe left, which means they are not interested or to swipe right, which means they are.

Now, how do you join the wonderful world of Tinder and start Tinder dating?

1.) Download the Tinder App

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to join Tinder if you don’t have the application itself. You have to download the Tinder app first before you start swiping!

First, you would have to open your Play Store or App Store, depending on which mobile phone you are using. Then, search for Tinder on the search bar and start downloading. It only takes a few seconds to install, and you can then start to Tinder select!

2.) Setting up Your Profile

To use the Tinder app, you would have to connect it with your Facebook profile. This ensures that your Tinder profile is not fake and it cannot be used for fraud. After connecting it with your Facebook profile, you can now start customizing it for you to have more chances to be swiped right.

You can change your bio and write something that you feel would make other people interested in you. Many go for really impressive ones while others prefer having funnier bios thinking that other people value humor more than achievements. It seems for many, tinder dating isn’t that simple.

3.) Changing Your Display Photos

In Tinder, the photos are what people see first; so it’s important for you to use display photos that could spark interest among other people. Many people use provocative photos, while there are also others who use photos which show who they really are. Make sure they Tinder select you!

4.) Use Filters

No, not the photo filters, but filters of people who you want to be seen on your Tinder app. You can edit the age range, the gender, and the location, making it easier for you to find who or what you are looking for.

5.) Start Swiping!

The fun part about Tinder dating is that you get to judge people based on their photo and profile, and you start swiping whether left or right (or up in rare cases). Enjoy swiping now and make sure that you only swipe right to those people who really got you interested. Keep in mind that there are only a limited number of swipe rights available for free.

6.) Go Get that Perfect Match

In cases when you both tinder select each other, you are then matched, and the chat feature of the app is made available for both of you. This is when you get to know each other more, and plan to meet in some cases.

Enjoy swiping left and right!

Some Ways to Verify a Person’s Identity

seniordatingtipThe truth is that the internet provides older people with the incredibly convenient option of online dating. This spares them a significant amount of hassle and is most certainly something to be considered. You can chat and meet other people of your age without the worries associated with conventional face to face dating. However, as it is with absolutely everything, there are quite a few things that you might want to take into proper consideration. Right off the bat, you need t ensure that the person that you are talking to on the other side of the computer is really who she or he says. There are a few different ways that you can do so.

Senior Dating Sites – Request a Call

This goes out, especially to older men. There are a lot of wrongdoers who would lurk the websites searching for opportunities. It is not uncommon for certain people to pose as someone else in order to arrange a physical date and rob you, for instance. That’s why you must insist on making phone calls. Don’t request their Skype – you should get their actual phone number. This way, even if something happens, you will have a tracking lead.

Furthermore, people who want to conceal their real identity would usually try to change the subject as soon as you demand to talk on the phone. This is a sure sign that there is something fishy and you should stay away.

Checking the Internet

As you know, senior singles that tend to visit senior dating sites are usually active on the Internet. This is why it’s rather expected for the person that you are talking with to have another profile on a different website. A quick Google search would usually suffice. Cross-check the information from his or hers different profiles in order to verify that everything is as it is.

Common Sense

You should be wary when you use senior dating sites. While most of them are pretty well protected, it’s not excluded for come across fake profiles and people who wish you nothing good. You should try to sense things of the kind as the conversation is likely to give the necessary tale signs. Make sure to look out for them, and you shouldn’t have any difficulties verifying someone’s identity. Asking general questions about his location is also something that could help you. If he or she takes too much time to answer simple questions, then the chances are you are dealing with a fake profile.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Lie About On A Senior Dating Site

dontWhen it comes to creating a dating profile, it’s understandable that you want to sound your best. After all, the entire point of you signing up to senior dating sites in the first place was to start a new relationship. When you are creating your profile, however, it is important that you are always honest if you want to create a real, lasting relationship.

Mature singles do not want to deal with people that lie about their profile, especially when it comes to senior dating. When you are creating your profiles for senior dating sites, here are 5 things you should never lie about:

Don’t Lie About Health Issues

As a senior, you may have important health issues that can prevent you from doing certain activities. If you have had heart problems in the past and your doctor recommended you avoid extended periods of physical activity, you don’t want to lie and say you love going on long hikes or jogging amarathon.

Don’t Lie About Your Pets

If you have a pet that you consider part of your family,there is nothing wrong with that—just don’t lie about it. Even if you love your dog, not everyone you date will. If you lie about having a pet and lead someone to believe you don’t have pets, there is a chance you will end a new relationship once they find out you can’t go anywhere with your pet.

Don’t Lie About Smoking

One of the most common lies mature singles will place on their dating profile is saying they do not smoke when they actually do. Whether it’s due to personal preference or health issues, if someone on senior dating sites say they do not like smokers you should not pretend like you are a non-smoker just to get a date. Instead of saying you don’t smoke, say that you are trying to quit.

Don’t Lie About Your Living Arrangements

This is very important for seniors. If you have very specific living arrangements, be honest about it. This is a common deal breaker if you want to live in a specific state or city to be next to your children or grandchildren but on your profile, you make it sound like you want to travel the world and live a free lifestyle.

Don’t Lie About Your Children

Many mature singles have adult children and even grandchildren. If you do, there’s no reason not to be honest about it. This is especially true if your family and children are an important part of your daily life. If someone is looking on dating sites for seniors that have no adult children, trying to lie to get a date will likely result in the relationship failing before it can even begin.

How to find the best dating sites for over 55 singles?

datingDating has become easier than before due the plethora of online dating sites. Also, these websites have been categorized further into many groups like dating website for adult singles, for senior singles, online dating sites for finding true love and many more. So, you can get many according to your age and requirements like whether you are looking for long term relationship or just for having some fun. Whatever be your choice, such a large number of online dating sites also creates confusion for the users about choosing the best one.

Dating at the age of 55 is not same as that of adult age as people’s perceptions start changing at this point of age. And whatever may be your choice about relationship, you would be looking for the best dating sites which can meet your needs. To reduce your efforts and expenses (of trying and testing each dating site), here are some tips to find the best dating sites for over 55.

  1. Check the specialty

Many of the dating sites provide specialized services, like some provide dating services for adults, singles, senior singles and others. This helps them to deliver the best dating experience to the people of particular age group. While choosing any dating site, ensure that it provides dating services to over 55 singles.

  1. Check the number of current users

The next thing that you should look for is the number of current users on the dating site. It will let you know about the popularity of that website. You should go for the website which would have higher number of users containing almost equal (or near about) figures of both genders. Also, more number of users means more opportunities to find best match for you.

  • Horizon

Though most of the senior dating sites work on world level, but there are also the websites which are restricted to the particular country or group of countries. In order to get more opportunities, you are required to choose the website with wide horizon.

  • Check out their main features

Every dating site claims to provide something special, like some specialize in perfect match making, while some aim at recommending you maximum number of valid options, so that you can choose the one after being satisfied. Check their main features and inspect if the site is able to meet your requirements or not.

  • Compare the cost

While looking for the best dating site for over 55 singles, you will find many among which some would be paid, some free and the others will offer you free registration with paid membership afterwards. Though the paid services aim at providing you more features and complete security, you should choose the one with minimum cost.

  • Refer to review sites

This is the best way where you can get all knowledge about various dating websites. For finding a suitable dating website you can check the list of best dating sites for over 55 singles on any of the review site. Such a review site to which you can refer for true information is

How to Approach Mature Women without Rejection


Mature Love

Knowing how to charm a woman means that you have got your strengths. However, many guys think that they are at a disadvantage when dating mature singles. On the other hand, most of the women prefer to date older guys, so the ideas of mature dating can seem daunting. However, you have a bunch of things going for you as a younger guy. If you can identify those benefits of being younger than her, you will get the confidence to approach mature women without rejection.

Plenty of reasons are available out there for the younger guys to look for mature singles. Older women are more experienced in life and they are better at holding a captivating and interesting conversation. In addition, they are much better in bed than younger women. Older women will not be sleeping with you because you are rich. They are cool and prefer to hang around with younger guys.

When you are approaching a mature woman, you need to present yourself in a unique way. In other words, you need to deliver something different that she isn’t used to. Therefore, it is recommended to present yourself as a very sexy and passionate lover. As a younger guy, you will be able to offer lots of excitement and fun to a mature woman. They will not be able to get such an experience by dating guys who are much older than you. Women prefer to date guys who are older than her because of their money and social status. On the other hand, they prefer to date younger guys for fun, excitement and sex.

While you are presenting yourself as a younger man, you need to show that you are much mature for your age. Mature singles are looking to experience a lot more fun in their lives and they are not looking to babysit any young guys. That’s why you need to think as a mature guy. In order to think like a mature guy, you need to learn how to be powerful, you need to have the ability to create a powerful eye contact and you must have a good sense of fashion.

Last but not least, you need to learn how to persist and read the body language of mature woman that you are planning to approach. It takes a lot of time for you to create a comfortable environment, which will assist you to get the phone number of a mature women. That’s mainly because mature singles reject, when they really need to accept. They don’t need to come across as “too easy to get” and that’s why they send these mixed signals. You need to have a clear understanding about it and it will assist you to approach mature women without rejection. If you follow these simple tips, you will get the opportunity to date mature singles without any hassle.

What should singles over 55 do after your first date?

dateThe first date can be a nerve wrecking moment. You leave your date full of inspiration and a sense of relief that you met someone sensible. You are at times unsure whether to send a thank you text or to wait for the other one to turn off. Back at home, the night goes and you check your phone impulsively. Well, don’t get impatient. If both of you had a superb time together, you should be dating more often.

Consider the dating experience from a subjective standpoint

Consider certain things once you are back at home. If there was a regular eye contact, good-humoured flirting, good time passing, if you enjoyed physical gestures, if you felt ease in talking etc. Did you discuss doing things together in the future, did the other person speak the truth? Try to understand if the person meets your expectation and areas of preference. Think if the other person was bringing up past relationships, talking too much, extended uncomfortable silences, was checking the time, texting or phoning during the date, showing rudeness to other people or unexpectedly ended the date early.

Think how the date ended

If the first date is successful by certain measures, then only a second date is a good idea. Who should be the first to call at the start of the relationship is a major concern. If you are a single woman over 55; try not to call him first or sound too eager. There is no denying the fact that communication is the foundation of a relationship, but there must be boundaries as well. Making a phone call immediately after the date trying to make him see you as soon as possible can make you look very hysterical! It’s good to keep in mind that everyone needs time.

Take initiative to planning dates

There is no benchmark dating formula. If you met on an over 55 dating site; it is obvious you do not know each other. If you are a single man over 55; in the beginning of the relationship take the initiative to plan the second date. It’s essential that you have an idea about each other’s passions, and want to find areas of mutual interest. Both would enjoy a bond, feel closer together. Dating is a time to getting to know potential partners to discover; so do not get intimate too soon. If you are dating reliably, you’ll feel open and excited about finding real love.

Remember, your first date could as well prove to be a stepping stone to a long term relationship. Therefore, if you’re genuinely interested in the person whom you’ve met and acknowledge a spark, following up would be the best thing to do.