How to Join Tinder Select

tinder-selectTinder has taken over the world by storm. It has revolutionized how people meet other people who are prospects for dating. Not only did the Tinder app change how people date completely, but also it has made it easier to find the one, depending on one’s preferences.

Tinder is a social search mobile application, which allows people to Tinder select through the profiles of others, and they have the option whether to swipe left, which means they are not interested or to swipe right, which means they are.

Now, how do you join the wonderful world of Tinder and start Tinder dating?

1.) Download the Tinder App

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to join Tinder if you don’t have the application itself. You have to download the Tinder app first before you start swiping!

First, you would have to open your Play Store or App Store, depending on which mobile phone you are using. Then, search for Tinder on the search bar and start downloading. It only takes a few seconds to install, and you can then start to Tinder select!

2.) Setting up Your Profile

To use the Tinder app, you would have to connect it with your Facebook profile. This ensures that your Tinder profile is not fake and it cannot be used for fraud. After connecting it with your Facebook profile, you can now start customizing it for you to have more chances to be swiped right.

You can change your bio and write something that you feel would make other people interested in you. Many go for really impressive ones while others prefer having funnier bios thinking that other people value humor more than achievements. It seems for many, tinder dating isn’t that simple.

3.) Changing Your Display Photos

In Tinder, the photos are what people see first; so it’s important for you to use display photos that could spark interest among other people. Many people use provocative photos, while there are also others who use photos which show who they really are. Make sure they Tinder select you!

4.) Use Filters

No, not the photo filters, but filters of people who you want to be seen on your Tinder app. You can edit the age range, the gender, and the location, making it easier for you to find who or what you are looking for.

5.) Start Swiping!

The fun part about Tinder dating is that you get to judge people based on their photo and profile, and you start swiping whether left or right (or up in rare cases). Enjoy swiping now and make sure that you only swipe right to those people who really got you interested. Keep in mind that there are only a limited number of swipe rights available for free.

6.) Go Get that Perfect Match

In cases when you both tinder select each other, you are then matched, and the chat feature of the app is made available for both of you. This is when you get to know each other more, and plan to meet in some cases.

Enjoy swiping left and right!